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Client Centered

Antoine and Wesley have a relationship dating back to their college years at Seattle University, where they were roommates. Knowing they wanted to help people with their finances since then, they each went on to careers as advisors.

Over the last decade, not only has their personal relationship blossomed, but they found that they share similar philosophies around financial planning and what they wanted their clients to experience. Ultimately, they discovered that most successful people had thought about financial planning, but few had taken the time to do something about it – often, having guidance in certain parts like a money manager or insurance advisor, but not the whole sum. This lack of structure led to tax inefficiencies, inadequate asset allocation, ineffective distribution strategies, and incomplete estate planning.

After finding individual success, in 2014 they began to work more closely, building out strategic partnerships and team members. Today, Burns, Toussaint & Associates, has grown to a team of four dedicated and talented professionals. We offer comprehensive, custom financial planning that provides clarity and peace of mind to business executives, professionals in the technology industry, and those already in or preparing for retirement.

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