INVESTING - While we are a highly credentialed and experienced team, when it comes to planning and investing, we subscribe to a proven philosophy: our technology allows us to verify what we believe OR challenges us to think differently. That’s why we research and utilize the latest advising software and investment tools, so we can stay on top of methods and information to help further enhance our recommendations.

OPERATIONS - Operationally, we use a hands-on, clients-first approach, and our commitment to technological strategies only helps increases our efficiency and ability to deliver that approach. Additionally, our backend office is paperless, allowing us to maintain thorough records while reducing our carbon footprint.

We see the adoption of technological advancements as part of our commitment to you, the client.

Current Key Technology Resources:

  • eMoney
  • Everplans
  • Factset
  • FactorE
  • Money Guide Pro
  • Morningstar
  • Orion
  • RiskAlyze